How to craft and use Scaffolding in Minecraft

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Minecraft Scaffolding

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When you place most blocks in Minecraft, you are setting them there for the long haul. Creating structures is one of the biggest reasons to play this game, and the building process can be difficult, especially in Survival Mode. Luckily, there is a block that can help you with that. Here is how to craft Scaffolding and use it in Minecraft.

How to craft Scaffolding in Minecraft

To craft Scaffolding in Minecraft, you are going to need six pieces of Bamboo and one String. Bamboo can be found in Bamboo Jungles, areas where you can find Pandas. String can most easily be found by killing Spiders, but you can also create by taking out Webs.

For your crafting recipe, place the Bamboo on all six slots on the left and right columns. Your string will go in the top center space. This will create six Scaffolding blocks that you can then place in your inventory to complete the process.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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How to use Scaffolding in Minecraft

When you have your Scaffolding, you will want to use that to allow you to reach higher areas in Survival Mode easily, which is best used for building taller structures. When you place it on the ground, it will stack on top of each other, so you don’t need to go to the top to make it taller. If you break any of the Scaffolding blocks, anything above it will break and fall down for you to pick up, making it easy to clean up and clear out once you finish your building.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Scaffolding is your best way to go straight up and down quickly without constantly pressing an input like with a Ladder. If you hold jump, you will climb levels, while crouching will make you drop. You can stop pressing either to stand at that level.