How to craft boss weapons in Demon’s Souls

Transmute the souls of demons into powerful weapons.

Image via Sony

When you kill a boss in Demon’s Souls, you are rewarded with the soul of the demon you slew, hence the game’s name. Many players get the Demon’s Souls and immediately use them. Crushing them to accumulate thousands of souls and bring them closer to leveling up. Using Demon’s Souls to craft unique, rare weapons is much more beneficial in the long run. How to craft these weapons isn’t explained in the game, so this guide will walk you through how to craft boss weapons in Demon’s Souls.

Defeating the Flamelurker

To unlock the ability to craft boss weapons, you must first defeat the Flamelurker in World 2-2, Stonefang Tunnel. He is considered by many as the challenging boss in the game. The Flamelurker dishes out massive fire damage that can kill anyone in a few hits. So grind some souls and healing items before taking on this boss. Be sure not to consume his soul once you kill him, as you will need to trade this later.

Finding Blacksmith Ed

After you defeat the Flamelurker, you must take his soul to Blacksmith Ed to enable him to craft boss weapons.

  1. To find Blacksmith Ed, teleport to Archstone 2-1 and head to the right.
  2. Dodge the boulders being thrown down and go to the top of the stone structure.
  3. Once at the top, you will see a lever that you can interact with. Activating this contraption will power the elevator next to you.
  4. Ride the elevator down to the bottom, and you will see BlackSmith Ed forging weapons.
  5. Hand him the Searing Demon Soul, and he will now be able to craft weapons using boss souls.

Purchasing spells with Demon’s Souls

To purchase spells with Demon’s Souls, you will first have to get the corresponding NPC into The Nexus to trade with them. The three NPCs that trade spells for souls are Sage Freke, Yuria the Witch, and Saint Urbain.