How to craft chains in Minecraft

Break the chains. Or build them.

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Sometimes when you are playing Minecraft, you just want to make things look nice, or light the way at night. Few things look at good as lantern dangling on a chain. You can make decorative chain blocks in Minecraft, to add some proper presence to your towns and buildings.

To make a chain block, you will need to place an Iron Ingot in the center of your crafting table, with an Iron Nugget above and below it. This will then produce a chain block. If you are lucky, you can also find chains and harvest them while exploring, but you will need to be in the Nether to find them.

Chains can appear in both ruined portals and in Bastion remnants in the Nether. Bastion remnants are run-down old castles that house Piglins and appear anywhere in the Nether except the basalt delta biome. If you happen to come across some chains when you are exploring, you can harvest them using a pickaxe of any type, but nothing will drop if you break the block with any other tool.

You can use chains to suspend both lanterns and bells, making your buildings look especially nice, and giving you a great way to keep the monsters away at night that also looks the part. Chains cannot be used to craft any other item, and are strictly a decorative block.