How to craft something using alchemy in Genshin Impact

Collect ingredients to craft useful items.

Alchemy is an important part of Genshin Impact where you can create something from various objects. You need several components to create something, so make sure you have at least three items in your inventory. Additionally, to use alchemy, you need an alchemy table, which you can find in Mondstadt if you ever need to use one.

It takes three of the same item to create a brand new item. For example, to create a Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone, you need three Vajrada Amethyst Chunks in your inventory to create the object. It’s the same trend for almost anything you want to create and then use in Genshin Impact.

Potions work a little bit differently. These only require two items, and they’re normally different from each other. For example, a Frosting Essential Oil to increase your party’s Cryo damage by 25 percent requires one lizard tail and one mist flower corolla while standing at an alchemy table. These potion ingredients require a bit more work to locate, but they come with exceptional results, especially when using them in combat.

You can find the alchemy table right at the center of Mondstadt, next to city’s waypoint stone in the center of town.