How to craft the Grinder in Grounded

It’s time to get grinding.

Image via Obsidian

A helpful crafting station that you’re going to want to make in Grounded is called the Grinder. You can use this to crush up several plants to turn them into a slurry, and when an item is broken down into that slurry you can feed to insects to tame them or turn it into useful bricks where you can create mushroom-based buildings. If you’re looking to unlock the Grinder, not only will you need a number of Raw Science, but you also need to hunt down a specific BURG.L chip.

Where to find the Haze BURG.L Chip

The first thing you need to do is hunt down the Haze BURG.L chip. You can find this at the bottom of the Haze lab, which is located at the center of the Haze. The Haze is a dangerous location that you cannot adventure into unless you’re wearing a weevil mask to protect against the deadly gases. Make sure to bring a weevil mask with you and have the equipped before entering this area. There are plenty of infected weevils roaming around, but you should be able to avoid them. Your goal is to reach the Haze lab.

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Once you reach the lab, you need to reach the bottom and go through the only right doorway available. There will be a handful of TAYZ.T robots protecting the facility, but these are useful to take out so you can harvest them for Raw Science. After they’re eliminated, go to the right and there will be a cave room with several infected weevils. You can choose to take them out from afar or use a bomb to clear the room.

Proceed through the room and swim through the water in the back of the cave. You need to continue swimming until you reach the end and there’s a doorway you enter. On the table will be the Haze BURG.L chip that you need.

How to unlock the Grinder

You then need to take the Haze BURG.L chip back to BURG.L, you unlock the Advanced Production Buildings upgrade, which gives you access to the Grinder, the Oven, along with the mushroom and plant slurries. While the item costs quite a bit, it’s a worthwhile crafting station, and the crafting recipes are extremely useful.

How to craft the Grinder

Now that you have access to the Grinder, you need to gather up all of the ingredients to build it. These are the items you’re going to need.

  • 2 Crow Feather Pieces
  • 2 Acorn Shells
  • 3 Flower Petals
  • 5 Bombardier Parts

You can acquire the crow feather pieces by chopping up the crow feathers that the crow drops over by the birdbath in the garden or at the picnic table. The acorn shells are all over the garden, but they’re closer to the center of the map, next to the large oak tree. The flower petals will be in the garden, nearby the rose bushes, to the north of the birdbath where the crow likes to hang out. The final item drops off of bombardier insects, which can be tough to kill. We recommend using a ranged weapon and then rushing in with the Mint Mallet to confuse them and finish them off.

With all of the ingredients gathered, you can place the Grinder down anywhere in your base and start making various slurries to create a mushroom base or tame aphids and weevils.