How to craft TM 024 Fire Spin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A lasting fiery vortex!

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TMs are various moves that you can teach your Pokémons to make them stronger. These are special moves that your Pokémon will not learn while leveling up, so TMs are the only way to teach certain moves to certain Pokémons. To craft any TM, you need its specific materials, League Points, and a TM machine. There are many powerful TMs for different Pokémons, and TM 024 Fire Spin is one for mostly fire-type Pokémons. Below is everything you need to craft TM 024 Fire Spin in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

TM 024 Fire Spin crafting materials and where to get them

Like any other TMs, you need certain materials to craft TM 024 Fire Spin. Here is everything you need to get:

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  • x800 League Points
  • x2 Growlithe Fur
  • x2 Torkoal Coal

If you have all of the required materials, head to any Pokémon Centre in the world and interact with the TM machine. This machine is always on either side of the main counter. Once you interact with it, select the option to craft TMs. In the menu, scroll down and find TM 024 Fire Spin. After that, press the interaction button to craft it.

If you don’t have the needed materials, then you need to gather those first. To get Growlithe Fur and Torkoal Coal, you need to find these Pokémons. After that, you must battle them and defeat or capture them. If you do that, the Pokémons will drop their materials in twos or threes. You can also send your Pokémon to defeat them directly without you having to battle.

Lastly, you need to earn League Points by doing certain activities in the world. The best method is to exchange unneeded materials with League Points. You can do that by going to a TM machine at any Pokémon Centre. You can also get League Points by defeating Team Star, Tera Pokemons and by checking Tera dens.