How to craft TM 042 Night Shade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Now you too, can throw shade at your opponents.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduced a new Technical Machine (TM) crafting system in its generation, allowing trainers to easily craft TMs to use in game. This, along with the streamlined move deletion/learning system, has made teambuilding more accessible for both casual and competitive players alike. TM 042 Night Shade is one of these TMs, and has been in the game since the first generation. It has 1 base power, but deals damage equal to the user’s level. Here is how you can craft TM 042 Night Shade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Materials used to craft TM 042 Night Shade in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Screenshot via Gamepur

Upon unlocking TM 042 Night Shade, proceed to the nearest Pokémon Center’s TM Machine, and you should be able to craft it. You will require the following resources:

  • 400 League Points
  • 3 Gastly Gas
  • 3 Murkrow Bauble

League Points can be acquired by exchanging excess materials at the TM Machine. It is recommended to clear out Wild Outbreaks regularly, so that you can turn the extra materials in for League Points.

Gastly Gas is obtained upon successfully defeating or capturing any of the Gastly line, though Gengar is not encounterable in game as it is evolution exclusive. Gastly can be encountered at night in the southern parts of Paldea, namely the South Province (Areas Two, Four, Five, Six), the West Province (Area One) and the East Province (Area One). Haunter can be found in Glaseado Mountain and the North Province (Area One).

Murkrow Baubles drop from the Murkrow line. Murkrow are plentiful in Paldea, and can be commonly found in the town biomes of the South Province (Areas One, Two, Three Six), the West Province (Areas Two, Three), the East Province (Areas One, Two, Three) and Glaseado Mountain. They will only spawn in the evening and night. Honchkrow is a rare spawn that can be found in the north parts of Paldea, as well as a small corner in the southwest, so players will most likely be farming Murkrow for these trinkets.