How to craft TM 091 Toxic Spikes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The battlefield is a toxic one.

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Technical Machines (TMs) are consumable items that let you teach some new moves to your favorite Pokémon. These moves are sometimes moves that are normally learned by Pokémon through leveling up or breeding. If you are trying to build the perfect Pokémon, you’ll likely have to employ a TM or two to make sure they have the ideal moves. Using TMs allows your Pokémon to have wider type coverage, the ability to spread status ailments, or lower and raise stats of Pokémon. However, you’ll have to be careful when using TMs, as in Scarlet and Violet, each TM can only be used once.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get copies of TMs. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have a new crafting mechanic that allows you to create copies of TMs you have already found in the game. There are over 150 TMs to find in the game, which translates to over 150 crafting recipes. Each recipe requires you to use materials dropped by Pokémon after you defeat or catch them. You’ll also need League Points, a new currency that is earned from Team Star battles or selling your Pokémon materials.

After you get the materials you need, head to the Pokémon Center and find the Technical Machine Machine. This is a machine found at every Pokémon Center that allows you to craft the TM you want.

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How to craft TM 091 Toxic Spikes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

After unlocking TM 091 Toxic Spikes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, head to the nearest Pokémon Center and craft this TM with the following materials:

  • 3,000 League Points
  • x3 Pineco Husk
  • x3 Mareanie Spike

This move has the following effect: “Sets toxic spikes that badly poisons the opponent switching into battle. The amount of damage this move does depends on how many layers the user has placed. Badly poisoned Pokemon will receive an increasing amount of damage each turn. In contrast, poisoned Pokemon will receive a fixed amount of damage each turn.”