How to craft white sockets in Path of Exile

A-craftin’ we will go!

Image via Grinding Gear Games

In Path of Exile, you have to socket the Skill Gems to sockets of their corresponding color. For example, for red Strength-based gems, you would have to socket them to a red socket, as they would not fit onto a green (Dexterity) or blue (Intelligence). That makes gearing and skill allocation on Path of Exile a puzzle to be solved, and a good measure of planning has to be taken into account with each item swap. However, the white sockets break that rule. They are the only sockets in the game that can fit any Skill Gem color, making them a precious commodity to find on items. However, there are a few specific ways to craft these sockets, and in this guide, we will list all of the possible options you have to craft white sockets on your gear.

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All crafting options for white sockets in Path of Exile

There are several crafting options for white sockets; however, all options are either risky or difficult to reach. That means that while the option to craft the white sockets is there, it is by no means something that can be done frivolously until all your gear sockets are white. In Path of Exile, you have the following crafting options to produce white sockets:

  • Vaal Orb — using a Vaal Orb on your gear corrupts it and locks it away from further crafting. However, among its other effects, Vaal Orbs have a 25% chance to recolor a socket to white.
  • Vorici Research — using Vorici’s crafting bench in the Immortal Syndicate Research safehouse will let you craft a number of white sockets on your gear. The number of sockets depends on Vorici’s rank in the Syndicate; the higher, the better.
  • Altar of Corruption — using this altar in the Temple of Atzoatl works similarly to using a Vaal Orb. This means that it also has a chance to recolor all of the corrupted item’s sockets to white.