How to Cure Poison in LotR: Return to Moria

Poison is a plague in LotR: Return to Moria, and a lethal one to avoid. Thankfully, players can craft a handy cure.

LotR: Return to Moria brew kettle

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Players face terrifying trials when playing through LotR: Return to Moria. From crumbled shelters to a lack of food, peril is never far as you struggle to reclaim the mountain. However, these dangers increase as you descend into the mines – and one nasty ailment you’ll run into is Poison.

Now that players have established the basics, they must venture down into the Lower Deeps where, without a map stone, all of that comfort will be far away. In this area, even the plant life has become dangerous, and powerful enemies lurk around every corner. No armor can protect you against the newest threat — Poison.

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What Causes Poison in LotR: Return to Moria

LotR: Return to Moria poisonous mushroom
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Unfortunately, players will find that many things can cause Poison in Return to Moria. There are poisonous mushrooms all throughout the Lower Deeps. I’ve found that just getting close to these mushrooms will poison my Dwarf, so be careful of where you tread.

Other sources are a new kind of giant spider and Orc blades covered in poison. Poisonous Spider and Orc attacks can be blocked with a shield for those who excel in combat. For those who get hit, the poison will eventually wear off, but it will be prolonged if players are continually struck by either.

Making the Poison Cure in LotR: Return to Moria

LotR: Return to Moria Scour Pilsner
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The cure for poison in LotR: Return to Moria is Scour Pilsner. To make the cure, Return to Moria players must first make a Brew Kettle which will require 8x Copper and 15x Elven Wood. The recipe for this will unlock once players have access to both materials. To brew the Scour Pilsner, players will need to following:

  • 16x Khuzdul Oat
  • 13x Poison Mushroom
  • 4x Sunken Moss

I have found a lot of Khuzdul Oat in sunny locations in the Mines of Moria. Both the Sunken Moss and Poison Mushrooms can be found in the Lower Deeps. Poison Mushrooms grow at enemy camps and Sunken Moss spawns on the ground closer to small bodies of water.

Once the Scour Pilsner is made, players can heal from poison and have a temporary immunity. If they have the Wanderkeg on hand, they can bring the cure on the go.