How to Find The Lower Deeps in LotR: Return to Moria

The Lower Deeps is hidden from you in Return to Moria, and this guide shows you the route to take to find it.

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You’ll discover multiple biomes and regions for you to explore in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. After you’ve made it into the Western Halls, it’s time to reach the lower depths of Moria: the Lower Deeps.

The Lower Deeps is an exceedingly difficult area to track down, and if you don’t know exactly where to look, you may find yourself getting lost in these mines. Thankfully, we’ve discovered a good, effective way to find the Lower Deeps. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Lower Deeps in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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Where to Find The Lower Deeps in Return to Moria

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Before you can make your way to the Lower Deeps, you’ll need to make your way into the Western Halls. This is a location you can reach after you’ve broken through the Elven Quarter, and you’ve unlocked the Steel Pickaxe in Return to Moria, a helpful tool to help break away the many rugged stones and rocks you’ll find along the way. Once you’re in the Western Halls, you’ll receive a few reference points of where you need to go, but you’ll eventually be told to search for a way into the Lower Deeps.

Unfortunately, even though the waypoint is pointing down, it’s not going to show you the exact route you need to take. You’ll be pretty stuck unless you can start exploring every route available to you, which takes a reasonable amount of time. The exact route you need to take begins in the center hall, where you enter the Western Halls from the Elven Quarter. From here, head down and jump down as far as possible.

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In the same hall as the Western Mines, make your way south, and look for a breakable way that you can mine through using your Pickaxe. You’ll reach an area where you have to choose between going right or left, and you’ll want to go right. This will take you to the larger area known as the Crystal Depths, where you’ll discover a large platform you must repair in Return to Moria. This platform will lead you to the Lower Deeps, but you have to repair it, which requires you to find Black Diamond, Elven Wood, and Natural Fiber.

Between those three ingredients, Black Diamonds are the toughest to find. You’ll have to go back the way you came and head to the west, where you’ll find a location known as Orc Town, and you’ll be able to fight against an Orc boss, which will reward you with a good amount of Black Diamonds in Return to Moria. You can bring those back to the Crystal Depths platform, and then descend into the Lower Halls, bringing you one step closer to your way out in Return to Moria.