How to customize characters in The Yard for Madden 23

Change your look with one of two methods.

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If you have already jumped into a game of The Yard in Madden 23, you may notice most players dawning shiny uniforms and equipment with unique patterns. This can certainly make your character appear a bit lackluster, as you only start out with bland EA-branded gear. Luckily, you can customize everything about your baller in a few easy steps. Here’s how to own special gear and dress your Yard character in Madden 23.

How to get different uniforms and gear in The Yard for Madden 23

Players can preview and access different pieces of gear by heading to the Loadout tab in The Yard’s Appearance menu. Its catalog includes helmets, tops, pants, and several other smaller accessories — all of which come at a charge. Items can be bought with either the in-game Cred currency or Points (which can be bought with real dollars). Once an item is purchased, you can then equip it directly from the catalog.

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Those not wanting to break the bank can earn Cred simply by playing matches in any game mode and boosting their profile level. Additional Cred is also rewarded when completing The Yard matches and events as well as Ultimate Team challenges. There are even Legendary and Epic rarity outfits that can only be purchased from the game’s Store tab. The offerings rotate in and out of the store every few weeks and feature limited-time Nike and Jordan branded gear.

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It is equally important to make sure your character has the correct physique before heading into your next match. The game offers three different body types, each having their own skill trees and benefits for every position. For instance, Agile wide receivers are the best at route running, while dual-threat quarterbacks perform at the highest level with the Balanced physique.