Which physique should you choose in The Yard in Madden 23?

The Yard forces players to choose between power, speed, and balance.

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The way you construct your character in Madden 23 will have a massive impact on your success in The Yard mode. This is because changing the weight and height of your footballer can dramatically alter their ratings and style of play. Luckily, the game narrows body types into three different physique presets, each dedicated to certain positions. Here is a breakdown of each physique’s benefits and which you should choose in Madden 23.

All physiques and their best positions in Madden 23


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  • Height range: 5’5″ to 5’10
  • Weight range: 160 to 225 pounds

Agile is a build that greatly favors speed and elusiveness over power and strength. Thus, it is the best fit for wide receivers and cornerbacks. On the offensive end, its skill trees are mainly centered around outpacing defenders. This allows receivers to reach a 95 in Route Running and Spectacular Catch. Meanwhile, its defensive build focuses on coverages and catching, making it the top pick for cornerbacks. As this build hurts many strength-based attributes, it is not recommended for running backs and linebackers.


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  • Height range: 5’9″ to 6’6
  • Weight range: 180 to 250 pounds

The Balanced physique gives players a respectable amount of both speed and power, working best with running backs and dual-threat quarterbacks. Balanced running backs will be able to max out their Break Tackle rating at 92, as their Trucking and Stiff Arm ratings will be capped at 90 — all while having enough speed to beat out most nearby defenders. As for quarterbacks, they can reach 93 Throw Power, 95 Throw on the Run, and 95 Throw Accuracy, ultimately allowing you to turn into a Patrick Mahomes clone.


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  • Height range: 6’0″ to 7’0
  • Weight range: 220 to 400 pounds

You may not be as quick as most, but there’s no question the Bruiser physique is for linebackers and possession-focused receivers. Its provided power lets linebackers cap out their Tackle Rating at 95 and their Hit Power at 94. Better yet, you can still expect them to perform highly while covering receivers, as their Man and Zone Coverage ratings can both top out at 81. Bruiser is also capable of creating receiver builds that resemble Seahawk D.K. Metcalf and Buccaneer Mike Evans, lengthy wideouts known for their leaping catches and broken tackles. Although you won’t be the fastest on the field, it will allow you to work up your Catch and Catch in Traffic attributes to 95 ratings.

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No matter your physique and position, you can also earn X-Factors by leveling up your player. These X-Factors are special abilities that raise your chances of pulling off big plays like interceptions and diving catches. As a result, this ability should help you net more Skill Points and level up your character at a faster rate.