How to declare Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb

I command you to just be cool with sacrifices!

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Doctrines are a helpful way to guide your flock in Cult of the Lamb. In general, they’re where you decide whether you lean towards more malicious or benevolent policies. For example, you can convince your cult that there’s an afterlife, or you can just get them really excited every time you sacrifice someone. You also unlock additional rituals, which often come in good and evil flavors, such as whether you marry a follower or get them to fight to the death.

Finding commandment stone pieces

To declare a doctrine, you first need to have a full commandment stone. These come in three pieces and can be found on your crusades, or they are given to you as a reward for leveling up a follower’s loyalty. A lot of people are carrying these stones around in their pockets, so don’t be afraid to enact one the moment they’re completed.

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Types of Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb

When you have a full commandment stone, simply go to your temple altar. Select it and then choose the “Crown” option. You’ll find “Declare New Doctrine” right at the top of the list. Selecting this will bring you to a menu of five choices: Sustenance, Afterlife, Work & Worship, Law & Order, and Possessions.

You generally want to look towards the doctrines that cover where your cult is lagging. If you’re having trouble keeping it fed, then you might want to focus on a few Sustenance doctrines. If they’re getting mad about all your sacrificing, then Afterlife might ease their worries. Work and Worship will get those lazy dullards more excited about their toil. If you’re having issues with dissidents sowing discord, Law & Order can get them under control. If you need to amass wealth quickly, there are some good options with Possessions. Each one offers ways to make your followers happy, but let’s not pretend that’s what Cult of the Lamb is about.

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Note that there’s no way to go back on your doctrines; each decision is final. Once again, focus on where your cult is lacking — or perhaps just on how malicious you want to be.