Best Cult of the Lamb Mods (& How To Install Them)

Cult of the Lamb is even more addictive when you play it with the best mods around.

Sin Farming Cult of the Lamb

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If you’re looking to enhance your Cult of the Lamb gameplay with the best mods, you’ve come to the right place. Mods offer us an ideal chance to explore games from a fresh perspective. Thanks to them, we can delight in playing Skyrim as Thomas the Tank Engine or GTA V as Flappy Bird.

However, Cult of the Lamb‘s mods aren’t as wacky. Surprisingly, for a game that just added a safe-for-work mating update for cute animal followers with Sins of the Flesh, the modding community is pretty tame and has decided to focus on streamlining the gaming experience. Because you’ll be sinking several hours into Cult of the Lamb, here are the best mods for the game.

Best Mods for Cult of the Lamb

Cult of QoL Collection

best mods for Cult of the Lamb
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The Cult of the Lamb QoL Collection mod is a game-changer. It does away with all the annoyances and enhances gameplay in one fell swoop. 

Cult of the Lamb is all about switching up your speed between cult management and roguelike crusades. However, after playing for a long while, you’ll find the tiniest cutscenes and grinding sections annoying. 

Say goodbye to intros, tedious fishing mini-games, and cluttered menus – this mod streamlines your experience. It empowers you to collect tithes effortlessly and reverse the golden fleece damage change, doubling its damage rate. Need resources? Enjoy slashed refining costs and auto-looting chests near portals. 

Lumber and stone mines last longer, and game speed becomes customizable, propaganda speakers can be muted at night, and so much more. The mod injects convenience into every aspect of your Cult of the Lamb gameplay. 

Cheat Window

best mods for Cult of the Lamb
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Cheat Window is the second-best Cult of the Lamb mod, an all-in-one menu with cheats for the game.

The Cult of the Lamb mod isn’t just a game enhancer; it’s a cheat code paradise. Activate god mode, no clip through obstacles, teleport freely in dungeons, or even add hearts and keys at your whimsy. Unlock rituals, structures, and crown abilities effortlessly. Want to skip a boss room? No problem. Heal on-demand, enable or disable the demo, and quickly amass followers. 

Cheat Window lets you bend the rules, toggling UI visibility and hiding structures. It’s a cheat smorgasbord that lets you tailor the game to your liking, making you an omnipotent force in the Cult of the Lamb world. 


best mods for Cult of the Lamb
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The NothingNegative mod for Cult of the Lamb flips the script on the Indoctrination mechanic by negating all Follower traits that aren’t appealing.

Now, when you indoctrinate new followers, any negative traits they come with will magically transform into positive equivalents.

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With NothingNegative, you can build an army of followers with only beneficial attributes. This transformation is a permanent upgrade, so every follower brought into your Cult with the mod installed is a beacon of positivity.

Weapon Selector

best mods for Cult of the Lamb
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Some of Cult of the Lamb‘s weapons align with my playstyle, but others make me the weakest target during my crusades. I’m looking at you, axes.

The Weapon Selector Mod puts the control back in your hands, transforming how you approach each Cult of the Lamb dungeon.

Once you’ve installed it, there’ll be no more relying on chance. Weapon Selector introduces a sleek weapon selection menu in the game’s pause menu. Now, you can handpick any weapon and curse you desire, ensuring you get precisely what you want in each dungeon’s equipment-spawning room.

The menu is user-friendly and draggable, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through choices. Click on arrows or use your keyboard shortcuts (J for Weapon, K for Trait, and L for Curse) to customize your loadout.

Auto Win Knucklebones

best mods for Cult of the Lamb
Image via NexusMods

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This Cult of the Lamb mod takes care of what is important in this cult management game: becoming a Knucklebones champ.

Knucklebones is the dice game introduced after meeting Ratau at the Lonely Shack. On two 3×3 boards, you’re meant to fill them with the highest total dice score. It’s a fun mini-game you may not feel like mastering to get all the achievements. 

Auto Win Knuckles mod simplifies the game by guaranteeing victory in every Knucklebones match. Whether you aim to conquer Knucklebones’ achievements or amass wealth, this mod puts the odds in your favor. Enjoy the rewards of Knucklebones without breaking a sweat.

How to Install Mods in Cult of the Lamb

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To install mods in Cult of the Lamb, install BepInEX, a plugin that provides modding support for the game.

TIP: Safeguard your progress by backing up your game save files. Copy and stash them safely.

Follow these steps to install BepInEx on your device:

  1. Download BepInEx through Github.
  2. Extract the BepInEx folder to the Cult of the Lamb‘s directory. You can check its location here.
  3. Run Cult of the Lamb once and quit the game. This allows BepInEx to generate the required folders and files to run. 
  4. When you download a mod from Nexus Mods, drop its .dll file in the BeepInEx’s Plugins folder.