How To Get Grapes In Cult of the Lamb (& Top Tips For Farming)

Get unlimited wine for all followers with this Grape farm exploit for Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh.

Grapes in Cult of the Lamb

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Cult of the Lamb‘s The Sins of the Flesh update gave your followers all they wanted: alcohol, mating, and brawling.

Still, if you want to farm sin and have all of your followers sipping alcohol from the Drinkhouse, you’ll first need to brew them drinks. Most of Cult of the Lamb‘s drinks require a vital ingredient: grapes, a brand-new crop introduced in Sins of the Flesh. However, you won’t be able to find seeds for this crop in the shop right away. In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock grapes and farm them in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Unlock Grapes in Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh

Unlock Grapes in Cult of the Lamb
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To unlock Grapes and Grape Seeds in Cult of the Lamb, head out on Crusades at any door and look for the room with the grape icon.

Once you’ve found Grapes in your crusades, this item will become available in the seed shop, so you can purchase new seeds there and plant them on your farm to get more.

Best Way to Farm Grapes in Cult of the Lamb

Farm Grapes in Cult of the Lamb
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The best way to farm grapes in Cult of the Lamb is to grow them passively on your farm while you tend to other cult-related matters.

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The only alternative to growing Grapes on the farm is to go on crusades over and over, hoping to run into the Grapes room. You could try dying and rerolling the crusade when you realize the Grape room isn’t on the map to maximize your efforts, but I think this is trying too hard.

Farm Grapes in Cult of the Lamb
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Follow these steps to have the optimal grape farm in Cult of the Lamb:

  1. Unlock Grapes by running into the Grape room during your crusades.
  2. Purchase 90+ Grape Seeds in the seed shop outside your cult headquarters.
  3. Place all your Grape Seeds in different Seed Silos for your followers to plant them. Each Seed Silo allows for 15 seeds, so if you’re going for 50 Grape Seeds to farm Grapes in Cult of the Lamb, build 6 Seed Silos.
  4. Build a Farm Station II for followers to deposit grown Grapes once harvested.
  5. Assign as many Followers as possible to work on planting, fertilizing, watering, and harvesting in the Farm plot.

TIP: This isn’t a must, but if you build a Fertilizer Silo (or 6 of them), followers will automatically fertilize every grape to get some extra quality and quantity.