How to Get the Maid Outfit in Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh

Dressing up your followers is one thing, but getting them the Maid Dress in Cult of the Lamb is next level.

Cult of the Lamb get the Maid Dress

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Thanks to Cult of the Lambs tailor shop, I can now dress up my followers so my cult headquarters looks less like a Midsommar spinoff and more like a Maid Cafe.

Sins of the Flesh has not disappointed with its new structures, mating mechanics, and, of course, brand new unique robes. By meeting Berith during one of your crusades, you can unlock the Tailor structure in your headquarters. All that’s left is to get some cotton, and you’re all set to become Prada’s envy. One of the most sought-after outfits in Cult of the Lamb is the maid dress. One look at the Tailor’s shop, and you’ll notice it’s locked away behind a safe icon. While I’m not about to judge the reasons why you’re looking to get your hands on this outfit, I will tell you how to unlock and craft the maid outfit in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Unlock the Maid Dress in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the the Lamb  unlock Maid Dress
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The Maid Outfit can be unlocked by sweeping feces and vomit 100 times in Cult of the Lamb. Once you’ve swept the floor or collected feces from the bathrooms enough times, the Maid Outfit blueprint will drop on the ground.

After the Sins of the Flesh update, sweeping and collecting feces and vomit can level up your broom. The more you clean your headquarters, the higher your broom level will become, which also comes with its own set of rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, to get the Maid Dress, you’ll need to collect over 100 feces and vomit. Because this doesn’t work retroactively, it can take some time to reach that number, but here’s a couple of ideas to get the Maid Outfit faster in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Keep your Drinkhouse stocked at all times. This will get all your followers drunk, which causes them to throw up.
  • Feed your followers a Poop Bowl. Will they hate you for it? Maybe. But this will get them to throw up all over the place.
  • Perform a ritual in your temple to brainwash all your followers. A huge portion of them will suddenly become sick, which also gets them to throw up.

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Once the Maid Dress is unlocked, build a Tailor structure, interact with it, and craft the Maid Outfit for 6 cotton, 6 threads, and 1 sin in Cult of the Lamb. Because it’s a unique robe, you can only make one, so choose wisely who you give it to.