How to defeat Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive

Don’t let this bully push you around.


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Clyclonemon is a miniboss in Digimon Survive you’ll fight in Part 3. This enemy comes soon after you’ve faced another boss and doesn’t mess around. It’s a hard fight that you can lose easily if you’re not paying attention. This guide explains how to defeat Cyclonemon, so you can keep plowing through the story.

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Tips to defeat Cyclonemon in Digimon Survive

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The Cyclonemon miniboss battle takes place on a bridge. This is an enclosed environment with many enemies, and Clyclonemon will rush you, unlike any boss until this point. This means that you’ve got to be aware of your surroundings, defeat the smaller foes as they approach, and keep your party together. If you bring any weak Digimon onto the field, they’re going to get wiped out fast when caught on their own. Don’t allow the enemy to single out your Digimon. Always have them fight as a unit.

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Cyclonemon is weak to electricity, so use that as much as possible. If you have a Betamon or one of its evolutions, make the most of them. Since Cyclonemon is so aggressive, it should end up on your side of the bridge pretty quickly. When this happens, evolve your Digimon and surround it. This will allow you to always hit it from behind or the side, boosting the damage you deal. Make no mistake, this boss can and will crush you if you don’t do this, so make life easy for yourself and obliterate it.

The rest of the enemy Digimon on the field will continue to approach and attack as you focus on Cyclonemon. While you can attack them and defeat everything this battle throws at you, Cyclonemon will punish you. Don’t give it an opening to hit your Digimon in the back. Beat it up before it finishes you off.