How to get Betamon in Digimon Survive

Expand your team roster.


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Throughout your time with Digimon Survive, you’ll collect and train all sorts of Digimon. There are over 100 to see, each of which can fight for you, evolve, and become your friend. However, you’ve got to find them before you can do any of that. This guide explains how to get Betamon, so you can start training it and pushing for its later evolutions sooner.

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How to get Betamon

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To get Betamon to join your team, you’ll need to open a dialogue with it by selecting the “Talk” option in your first move in battle against it. This will allow you to negotiate with the Digimon and respond to its questions. After you’ve responded a few times correctly, the Digimon will join your party. The responses that worked for us are as follows. Note that these may differ for you.

  • No, but it’s not easy
  • What a gentle soul!
  • Be true to yourself

Even when you’ve responded and pushed the negotiation bar as high as it can go, there’s still only a chance that Betamon will join you. The percentage differs depending on your Harmony, so you’ll just have to try with what you’ve got. If things aren’t working out, try changing your Harmony through dialogue with other characters to see if that makes things easier for you. Eventually, though, Betamon should join your team.

Where to find Betamon

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We found Betamon in the first free battle arena in the school in Chapter 1. You may also find it here, though it seems that the Digimon you battle when you first enter the zone can change depending on your version of the game and random luck. Keep fighting here, and you should come across a Betamon eventually. Then, once you’re fighting one, it’s time to put the negotiations above to use.