How to defeat Fangmon in Digimon Survive

Beat back the beast.


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Fangmon is the second boss in Digimon Survive and easily the most challenging enemy you’ll have faced until the end of Part 2. This monster has been terrorizing you from the moment you stepped foot in this strange world, and now it’s time for some payback. This guide explains how to defeat Fangmon, so you’re not stuck on this boss for long.

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Tips to defeat Fangmon in Digimon Survive

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The fight with Fangmon begins with Labramon evolving into Dobermon, so you’ll start with at least one Digimon that can deal high damage. We advise evolving Agumon as soon as possible so you have two powerful Digimon on the field at once. These Digimon can also move faster than your other weaker allies, so you have two choices for what to do next. You can either slowly move your entire party up the dam towards Fangmon and attack enemies as you go, or you can split up and send some Digimon down the steps to surprise Fangmon from behind.

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We tried to split our party, but it didn’t work well. The enemies on the steps are powerful and can take down an evolved Digimon if they don’t have support. If you’re going to send Digimon down that way, send at least three and keep them together, holding an evolved Digimon back with two allies to ensure you’ve always got healing and extra firepower. The more effective approach is to move your entire party down the dam towards Fangmon, defeating his allies as you go.

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In the end, we lost every Digimon apart from Betamon. This is because Fangmon can hit for around 500 damage, killing off any evolved Digimon you’ll have in your roster at this point unless you’ve done some serious training. Betamon won it for us by the skin of our teeth because it’s resistant to Fangmon’s attacks and can deal electrical damage, which Fangmon is weak to. Pay attention to Fangmon’s stats and ensure you protect the Digimon that will be most effective against it in battle, and you should win easily.

What are Fangmon stats?

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If you analyze Fangmon and check out its stats, you’ll see that it’s resistant to psychic damage but incredibly weak to electrical damage. You start this battle with at least one Digimon that deals electrical damage, but you can add more to your party by getting more Betamon on your side. If you ignore these stats, you won’t beat Fangmon easily and may even struggle to beat it at all.