How to defeat Fraekni the Zealous in God of War Ragnarok

The zealous Berserker.

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God of War Ragnarok has some optional bosses known as the Berserkers for Kratos to take on across the Nine Realms. The Berserkers are much more powerful than the average enemy and are swift and deadly if not dealt with properly. Fraekni the Zealous is one of them and she is probably one of the first Berserkers you can choose to fight with. Here is a guide on how to defeat Fraekni the Zealous in God of War Ragnarok.

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Fraekni the Zealous Gravestone Location

The Berserker Gravestone of Fraekni the Zealous is located in Midgard, specifically in the Lake of Nine. It will be hard to miss it since it is marked on the map, in the center north. It’s right in the middle of an ice-covered area.

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You’ll have to approach the Gravestone and interact with it to fight Fraekni the Zealous.

Fraekni the Zealous Guide – Tips and Tricks

Fraekni the Zealous is comparatively one of the easiest of the Berserkers you’ll face. Her attacks are pretty simple to understand and get used to. She also doesn’t have any elemental attacks so you don’t have to worry about those. Her attacks are also straightforward to telegraph which means you’ll be able to dodge and parry with ease. Nevertheless, she can do some massive damage if you’re not careful. Any type of weapon can be used for facing Fraekni, although the Blades of Chaos are recommended as they have a better range.

Initially, Fraekni will use charge attacks with her axe after dashing backward. These are unblockable so you will have to dodge them. During this time, command your companion to shower her with the Sigil Arrows as they do quite a good amount of damage. Fraekni then follows with some axe swings and jabs which is a great opportunity to attack her as these can be parried.

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Fraekni also does aerial attacks after dashing backward. This is a great way to counter her attack with a shield strike. She gets stunned easily and this is when you use all your light and heavy runic attacks as well as the Spartan Rage and Relic. And as always, hit her with both kinds of arrows. She moves quickly so the Blades of Chaos is great in this regard for attacking her in long range. Her axe jabs become more frequent during this time, so you’ll have great opportunities to parry and stun her in the process. Filling her stun meter takes a good chunk of her health.

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Later on, she relies more on her axe attacks and rarely goes for the aerial ones. She sometimes switches them up quickly so you’ll have to be smart on counter-attacking her moves. Continue following the method above and you’ll damage her massively.

After her health is completely depleted, use a FInisher to finally end her. The reward for ending her is the Berserker Waist Guard, Tempered Remnants, Bonded Leather, and Shattered Runes.