What is the undiscovered collectible in The Sinkholes in God of War Ragnarok?

This collectible is part of a late-game quest.

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In God of War Ragnarok, The Sinkholes is a region within The Crater, which is, in turn, a hidden region of the realm of Vanaheim. You can reach The Crater by completing the Scent of Survival side quest Favor, in which you follow Helka out of Freyr’s Camp in search of Birgir, who fell out of the paper boat while fighting a dragon. Birgir’s fall happens during the Creatures of Prophecy goal on The Path main story quest line, so you’ll have to complete that before you start the Scent of Survival quest. To get from The Plains to The Sinkholes, go north over the wall from the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway, then turn right and go east through the circular arches. The zipline at the end of this path leads to The Sinkholes.

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Once you reach the Sinkholes, you’ll see that there are lots of collectibles to find:

  • two Nornir Chests
  • one item of Lore
  • one Artifact
  • one of Odin’s Ravens
  • one Berserker Gravestone
  • two Dragon Hunts
  • one Casualty of War
  • one Seasonal Stag
  • one “Undiscovered” collectible

The question now is, what is that undiscovered collectible? And how and when can you discover it?

How to get the undiscovered collectible in The Sinkholes in God of War Ragnarok

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The undiscovered collectible in The Sinkholes is the Starblush flower, which you need to collect as part of the Nine Realms in Bloom side quest Favor. The Starblush flower won’t be visible until you start the Nine Realms in Bloom quest, and you can’t do that until after you complete The Path main story quest line. You also need to complete The Jungle region in order to flood The Crater so that you can reach the Starblush flower, which is on the circular island in the southeast corner of The Sinkholes.