Will There Be a God of War 6?

We’ve seen the story of Kratos come to a satisfying conclusion in Ragnarök, but what if he chose to pick up his blades once again in God of War 6?

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Kratos has been one of the leading figures for PlayStation since his debut on the PlayStation 2 in 2005. Those who have seen and played through his story since the beginning have noticed the angry god’s fury rise and fall throughout the many entries in the series. His rebirth during the PS4 era was remarkable, and the “fallen god” is more popular than ever. There’s much more that they can do with the character, and many fans are willing to pay to see the adventures of Kratos and possibly Atreus.

So, what would they do for a possible God of War 6? Many possibilities can happen, and the sky is the limit for this blockbuster IP. If there’s one thing we know, the life of a Greek (and Norse) figure is anything but happy, and there’s always the next tragedy waiting to happen to everyone involved in the mythos. Now would be a great time to speculate and discuss possible sequels, God of War 6 and beyond, for the award-winning series.

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God of War 6: Where Do We After God of War Ragnarök?

Image via Sony Santa Monica Studios

It seems we’re at a standstill for the story in Midgard, at least when it comes to Kratos and his family. That doesn’t mean the story can’t pivot to a potentially different pantheon and culture. When God of War (2018) first debuted, many welcomed the change of scenery, primarily due to the complete collapse of the original pantheon in the previous games. The Norse Duology looks finished for now, and many characters are either no longer in play or moved on from the setting, so now would be a good time for something new.

During the original trilogy era, former director David Jaffe hinted at a potential meeting of gods in God of War III. According to his interview with GameTrailers, the plan was to have Norse and Egyptian Gods in the game as a crucial part of the story. Of course, that story wouldn’t have ended well for those other gods, as Kratos was much more savage during that particular period, but the idea has us wondering, what if.

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God of War 6 Setting: From Greece and Midgard to Egypt

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Egypt is a real contender for the next setting if there is to be a God of War 6. The pantheon is similar to the previous two, with a rogue’s gallery worth of potential enemies and maybe even allies. He could bring Freya along, but I believe her story and fate may be too tied to Norse mythology to pull her away without a good reason.

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For Atreus, a game following him would probably not go well among the player base. Instead, a standalone DLC like Spiderman Miles Morales could be fun and give a bit more agency to the character without having to be tied to Kratos and his horrible luck with the Gods. No matter what they decide, it’s sure to be well-written, well-directed, and well-acted, so hopefully, they’ll take their time at Sony Santa Monica Studios.