How to defeat God King Gaemdriel in Chained Echoes

How to become the Godslayer.

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Considered to be the final Boss of Chained Echoes, God King Gaemdriel is a tough cookie to crack even before you get to fight him. That’s because you will first have to collect six Elemental Tablets to unlock his realm, and only then can you challenge the demanding boss. After getting the tablets and bringing them to the correct location, you will gain access to Gaemdriel’s secret realm, where you can finally fight the God King.. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock and defeat the final boss, God King Gaemdriel in Chained Echoes.

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Where to find God King Gaemdriel | Collect Elemental Tablets

Before you have a chance to fight God King Gaemdriel, you will need to collect the six Elemental Tablets first. Five tablets are guarded by one of the mini-bosses, so you’ll have to defeat them first to collect the tablets. It’s a good idea to go into these encounters well-prepared, with a party that has already been leveled up and geared.

  • Water Tablet: Held by Boustrous in Narslene Sewers
  • Fire Tablet: Held by Chel and Twi’Tone in Baalrut Tunnels
  • Earth Tablet: Held by Randomage in Ograne Grottos
  • Wind Tablet: Held by Krakun on a secret island in northeastern Valandis
  • Light Tablet: Held by Assassin Girl in Perpetua
  • Darkness Tablet: Found in Wygrand Mines

With all tablets in your possession, head over to the altar in Ograne Grottos and place each one in their place. This will create a portal leading to Gaemdriel’s realm, where you can finally face him in battle.

How to defeat God King Gaemdriel

The fight against God King Gaemdriel takes place over two swapping phases, Physical and Mind. The battle always starts in Physical phase, and these phases represent the type of damage your party will have to deal with. This means that your party composition should reflect these phases with moves and resistances, which you can build up from gear. It bears repeating that you should bring a well-geared party to this fight, with ultimate items on everyone.

For party composition to defeat God King Gaemdriel, consider the following characters:

  • Egyl: He should be your main tank, with as much Physical resistance as you can put on him. Keep him alive and make sure he always has Hate maxed against Gaemdriel.
  • Glenn: Very important to bring for his All Break skill. This will not only buff your team’s damage but also save Egyl on the front line.
  • Mikah: Bring her for her DPS as well as Larynx Attack skill to silence the boss during the Mind phase. Keeping him silenced will minimize his damage during the whole phase.
  • Robb: If you plan to invest more damage into the Mind Phase, bring Robb for Throat Smack to lower Gaemdriel’s silence resistance so that Mikah can land her attacks and keep him silenced.
  • Lenne: Alternatively, you can bring her to push high DPS numbers and combo with Glenn for a more straightforward glass-cannon strategy. She’s also a great pick to dispel his Regeneration buff, making the phase transitions quicker and smoother.
  • Amalia: She should be your healer throughout the fight, and make sure to equip her with enough Mind resistance to survive the Mind Phase. It’s her job to keep your party alive and fighting.

If your party is strong enough, you should have a decent chance of beating the God King. But remember that this is a very difficult fight, and it may take a few tries unless your party is very much on point and geared and leveled to the max. But following our tips will give you an edge when you finally face God King Gaemdriel in Chained Echoes.