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How to win rock paper scissors in Chained Echoes

Rock always wins.

Rock Paper Scissors is one of the oldest playground games ever, and Chained Echoes features a fun sidequest featuring this classic game with a twist. Chained Echoers is a top-down, 2D RPG inspired by games such as Xenogears and Chrono Trigger. Early on in the game, you can earn some chips at a town fair if you play mini-games. This guide guarantees victory at rock paper scissors in Chained Echoes.

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How to win rock paper scissors in Chained Echoes

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After completing the opening prologue combat mission, you will find yourself at a town fair. This fair has a variety of mini-games that provide chips that you can earn. This quest isn’t required, as challenging the Champ at rock paper scissors is entirely optional. After you take control of Ser Victor, you can participate in these mini-games. Once you run into Champ at the fair, you must approach them to start the challenge.

To guarantee victory over this man-sized hand at the festival, you must guess three times correctly. This is the exact order you need to guess to be victorious at Rock Paper Scissors.

  1. Paper
  2. Rock
  3. Paper

This is a set answer and isn’t randomized. If you’re wondering how to determine this solution, you can pick up hints by talking to other characters at the fair. They will give you hints at Champ’s tendencies, and if you follow them correctly, you will come to the conclusion that was listed above.

This festival also has other mini-games, including a turtle race and a food-eating contest. You can earn chips by playing these games, but the rewards are only for Ser Victor and aren’t actual items you can use. Participating in these mini-games is fun, and once you leave this section, you can’t return, so make sure to see them all.

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