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How to defeat the Assassin Girl in Chained Echoes

She's a dangerous foe indeed.

It’s a staple of JRPG games that you have to fight many battles to progress. Sometimes those battles are just filler, but at other times there are boss and mini-boss fights. The Assassin Girl in Chained Echoes is one such encounter that can give you trouble if you’re not ready to deal with it. In this guide, we will explain how to best set up your party to face down Assassin Girl in Chained Echoes.

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How to beat Assassin Girl in Chained Echoes

Before even fighting her, it’s important to mention that Assassin Girl is an optional encounter in Chained Echoes. You can skip her, or make your way to Perpetua to seek her out and fight the mini-boss battle against her.

Assassin Girl has a series of skills that make the encounter difficult:

  • Insta-killing: This skill will kill two random party members
  • Thousand Daggers: This skill will bring your whole party to 1 HP
  • Dash: This skill takes the battle to the next phase
  • Minion Heal: This skill is useable only in the third phase, allowing her to summon a minion to heal her
  • Minion Attack: This skill is useable only in the fourth phase, allowing her to summon another minion that deals physical AoE damage

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With such a deadly repertoire of skills, the Assassin Girl has one important weakness — Water. She deals a lot of damage instantly, so healing might not be the best strategy, though resurrecting your party members is absolutely mandatory. Also, it’s a good idea to leverage Paralysis effects to try to squeeze in more damage. With that in mind, we suggest a party composed of some of these characters:

  • Amalia: For resurrection purposes
  • Sienna: Deals a lot of damage and has a chance to evade Insta-kill
  • Mikah: For Water-based attacks
  • Lenne: For Water-based attacks
  • Glenn: Useful for the fourth phase and his All Break skill
  • Robb: Has two Paralyze attacks, plus extra damage with other skills
  • Victor: For his Bee Sting skill

Make up a party from this roster and swap others in as necessary. The mandatory pair are Amalia and Sienna, with others being interchangeable depending on how you wish to approach the fight. With a little bit of skill, these characters will make short work of the Assassin Girl in Chained Echoes.

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