How to defeat M-9 BELYASH in Atomic Heart

Aim for the head.


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Atomic Heart’s story bookends each chapter with an imposing boss that looks like it could crush you without even noticing you. This guide explains how to defeat one of those bosses, the M-9 BELYASH, and how to snag the trophy associated with it.

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How to beat M-9 BELYASH in Atomic Heart

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M-9 BELYASH will ambush you as you’re about to enter the art exhibition. It’s a colossal machine with a round head and more eyes than we’re comfortable with. It spins its head around to charge up certain attacks, making you feel like you’re about to be ground up into paste between this spinning metal skull and the ground. All of this, however, is a smokescreen for a much easier fight than HOG-7 HEDGIE.

M-9 BELAYASH attacks you need to avoid

To beat M-9 BELYASH, you need to keep your eyes on it and dodge every time it attacks, regardless of whether it’s close to you or not. The robot can charge up and hit the ground to release a circle of energy that will damage you if it catches you. Jump and dash to dodge these attacks, and then didge every time it tries to hit you with a physical attack. Most of this robot’s attacks are easy to track. You just need to keep away from it when it uses one move in particular that can draw you closer to it, ready for a hit.

Use Frostbite and Shock abilities against M-9 BELYASH

If you get the chance to scan M-9 BELYASH, you might notice that it’s weak to ice and, therefore, your Frostbite ability. If, like us, you didn’t equip this the last time you had the chance, you might have to power through without it. We used Shok to stun and slow the boss before getting in a few melee hits or shots with the shotgun and the Polymer Shield to protect ourselves from any hits we couldn’t dodge. These abilities are enough to get through the fight.

This boss is fast and jumps around a lot. You need to stun it with Shok every time you get a chance and then follow up with as many bullets as possible. Any energy weapons are great because they allow you to deal some damage without needing to worry about missing your precious ammo supplies. Keep up the damage output, and you’ll eventually defeat this boss. It’s a good one to use the Fat Boy on if you’ve found the blueprint. The missiles from this weapon need to hit the enemy to deal damage, and something as big as M-9 BELYASH is easier to hit.

How to kill M-9 BELYASH with a melee weapon

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There is a Trophy/Achievement in Atomic Heart called Chop Chop Chop that requires you to kill M-9 BELYASH with a melee weapon. This is easy to do because you don’t need to rely exclusively on a melee weapon. Just land the final blow with one. We were able to bag this Trophy/Achievement because we ran out of ammo in the fight. To get it, deal as much damage as you can with other weapons until M-9 BELYASH only has a sliver of health left. Then, use Shok to stun it and rush it with your melee weapon for the final few blows. This should kill the boss and get you the Trophy/Achievement you’re after.