Where to find Galaxite in Core Keeper

Learn the location of the most powerful ore.

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The best ore in Core Keeper at the moment, the Galaxite ore, can be found in some of the furthest reaches of the game. With the help of this ore and its ingots, players can build overpowered Galaxite weapons, armor, and equipment to beat some of the most powerful enemies in the Desert of Beginnings. However, finding and gathering Galaxite may be harder than some players would expect. So, to get you the best ore in the game, we will show you where to find Galaxite and how to gather it in Core Keeper.

Galaxite Location in Core Keeper

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Galaxite is a rare ore that can only be found in the Desert of Beginning biome in Core Keeper. Getting to the Desert of Beginnings can be quite hard if you aren’t far in the game. Luckily, all you need to do to find the Desert of Beginnings biome is to bring down the Great Wall. After that, you can venture through the desert and find the Galaxite by mining.

The Galaxite ore can be found in Sandstone Walls and Lava Rock Walls. It has a white glimmer that players can see from a distance, even in darkness.

To mine Galaxite ores in Core Keeper, you will need the Octarine Pickaxe. You will need this high-level pickaxe since the other ones are too weak to get through the rocks. You can get Ocatrine ores from the Sunken Sea by mining.

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After you get the Galaxite ores, you can start smelting them to get Galaxite ingots. You will need the special Fury Forge crafting item to smelt Galaxite, which can be made at the Octarine Workbench. With Galaxite ingots you will now be able to make the Galaxite Workbench and get to know the newly added Go-Kart that you can use to ride around the Desert of Beginnings.