How to Defeat Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid

Boss battles are never easy, but Revolver Ocelot takes that concept to a whole new level. Here’s how to outdraw the old gunslinger.

Screenshot via Gamepur

You’ve probably noticed a recurring theme when it comes to Metal Gear Solid boss battles where Solid Snake is pretty much put at a disadvantage in some weird, creative way. And that’s certainly the case when fighting Revolver Ocelot.

When it comes to completing objectives in Metal Gear Solid, it’s always a next-guy situation. After “rescuing” the DARPA chief, it shouldn’t be this bad, right? Unfortunately not, as the hits keep on coming, this time in the form of a boss fight against Foxhound’s resident gunslinger, Revolver Ocelot. The good news is that he’s loaded with weaknesses that you can exploit.

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Outwitting Revolver Ocelot

Screenshot via Gamepur

It seems as though Ocelot believes that this is the real Wild West. This is because he constantly tries to keep the distance between himself and the player. To counteract this, players should manipulate Ocelot’s positioning by running clockwise around the room until they can locate which corner they’re sitting in. This is essential due to the overhead camera in Metal Gear Solid 1 limiting your view of his location.

Reloading Is The Key

Screenshot via Gamepur

Another great way to get some free hits is to wait until he uses all his bullets, which, by the way, are conveniently located underneath his health bar. As he reloads, move a little bit closer until you’re directly across from him, and shoot as many rounds as you can muster. He has invincibility frames as he recovers, so you may not get too many shots in before he’s on the move once again. This is a great strategy if you’re unable to aim your gun properly from a diagonal position.

He likes to talk a lot, and this can reveal his position and current status. Be careful; the game likes to cheat sometimes by giving him a full chamber out of nowhere, especially if you have a good position to fire on him. As a general rule, avoid firing in front of Baker, the hostage, or else you risk hitting him. Eventually, you’ll whittle him down, and after defeating him, you’ll be treated to a nice long cutscene.