Metal Gear Solid: Every Wall You Can Destroy With C4 In The Armory & What’s behind Them

Following a crazy boss fight, players in Metal Gear Solid are sent to the Armory for their second rescue, but they’ve got to blow the walls.


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Soon after seeing the Darpa Chief in Metal Gear Solid, players are sent to the Armory. This is one of the most obscure sections of the game’s opening, asking players to simply blow up the walls.

However, the game doesn’t exactly tell players which walls they can or should blow up, as per Hideo Kojima’s original design. Instead, players are left to seek out every explosive wall and blast them apart by themselves. This was a real choke point for progression back in the day. Thankfully, we’ve been through this before, so we can point out exactly which walls players should blow up in this area.

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How to Find Walls You Can Destroy With C4 in The Armory in Metal Gear Solid

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To find every wall that can be blown up using C4 in Metal Gear Solid, players need to look for changes in color. The doorways to these rooms have been patched up with a different material, so they look subtly different from their surroundings.

The easiest thing to look for is a grey blob in the sea of brown. The grey is roughly where the doorway used to be. So players need to place C4 in front of that grey blob and blow it up to gain entry to the room beyond.

Every Wall You Can Destroy With C4 in The Armory in Metal Gear Solid

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There are three walls players can blow up with C4 in The Armory in Metal Gear Solid. After getting the C4 following the boss fight after the Helipad, this is another brand new mechanic for players to master. The first is to the left of the elevator and contains some more chaff Grenades. See the above image for the map reference.

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The second wall players can blow up with C4 is located to the right of the elevator. This one has some extra C4 and Socom bullets inside, which is always nice. See above for the exact location in-game and on the mini-map.

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The third wall players must blow up with C4 is at the bottom of The Armory on the left-hand side. This one will lead to a Snake’s next target he must rescue, and a boss fight. We won’t spoil anything here but we recommend stocking up on Socom ammo before heading in.

Where to Find the C4 in Metal Gear Solid

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To find the C4 in Metal Gear Solid, players need to use the elevator to get to the B2 Basement. Once there, they should head inside the cell directly opposite the elevator door, being careful to watch out for traps, and take the C4 from inside. One of the walls players can blow up above also reveals more C4 if players want a big stash.

How to use C4 in Metal Gear Solid

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To use C4 in Metal Gear Solid, players must first equip it using the right trigger and directional buttons or joystick. Then, players need to press the fire button to place the C4 in front of the object they want to blow up. Finally, players must press the action button to detonate the C4, which is Circle or B on controllers.