How to Find Meryl’s Codec Frequency in Metal Gear Solid Master Collection

Meryl is a bit of a firecracker in MGS1. She’s hard to get a hold of sometimes. We’ll explain the trick to getting Meryl’s Codec Frequency so you can reach her.

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Codec calls have become a hallmark of the Metal Gear Solid series since their introduction on the NES. In this case, there’s a specific solider named Meryl who likes to play keep away when it comes to her personal frequency.

The Metal Gear Solid series likes to throw curve balls at you every once in a while, especially when it comes to story progression. At this point, it’s no secret that things seem to go off the rails once you get comfortable with where things are going. If the many cutscenes explaining nuclear warheads, walking battle tanks, and money-hungry terrorists weren’t enough to get you hooked, then this particular puzzle may be just what you need to get the juices flowing. In this case, the answer may just be a manual away. This is what you need to know about Meryl’s Codec Frequency in the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection.

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Meryl’s Codec Frequency in Metal Gear Solid Master Collection

When To Start Searching For Meryl’s Frequency

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Well, of course, you don’t want to try to call Meryl early on due to the more pressing business you have to take care of shortly after meeting her. The game does a great job setting up the next meeting, so there’s a great chance you’ll be able to catch on to what the game’s telling you to do. If you’re like us and spaced out during the half-hour-long conversation, you may miss the next objective. Thankfully, Campbell will remind you once the cutscene is over, but like usual, he doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for.

Where To Find Meryl’s Frequency Number

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If you’re trying to look for Meryl’s Frequency Codec in the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, this is where the fun part comes in. Back in 1998, when the game was first released, we had these nifty things called CD cases where you could find information on the game before making a potential purchase. Usually, these cases just had generic information and some screenshots showing the gameplay. The trick is that Konami cleverly hid the code on one of those screenshots.

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This leads to the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, where, in most cases, many won’t have the CD case. Instead, players can try this trick to get her number in the game. So remember when we said that Campbell doesn’t have the answers you’re looking for? Well, in this case, if you call Campbell multiple times, Meryl’s Codec Frequency will automatically appear in your contacts list with no explanation. Shh, don’t ask why, just go with it.