How to defeat Thav ‘Sebarim in Halo Infinite

One of the best weapons in the game awaits you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here’s a new mission, Spartan. The mighty Thav ‘Sebarim is awaiting you in Halo Infinite and when he’s defeated, you’ll gain the powerful Arcane Sentinel Beam for your hard work. Here’s where to find him and how to defeat this alien.

This high-value target Thav ‘Sebarim is located southwest of FOB Bravo and northeast of FOB Charlie. It’s also left of the Horn of Abolition mission on the map. Check the screenshot below to see the exact location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you arrive, you’ll see Thav ‘Sebarim riding a Ghost, one of the deadly Banished vehicles in the game. The easiest way to handle this is to run toward the bike and hook the grappleshot onto it. Master Chief will cling to it and take over the wheel, rudely knocking the alien target off. From there, eliminate Thav ‘Sebarim with his own vehicle’s blasters. Thav’s shields and life meter will go down in a matter of seconds. He never saw it coming.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Next, eliminate the rest of his goons with the Ghost. They’re simple enemies to handle, so you should be able to complete this target mission quickly. If you want to take them out with the new Arcane Sentinel Beam, it’s waiting for you next to some blue canisters, grenades, and red boxes on the left.

The Arcane Sentinel Beam may have a lower ammo clip, but it will zap enemies much faster than the standard-issue model. You can find other improved weapons by defeating different targets like Bibbap and Writh Kul, among others.