How to defeat Writh Kul in Halo Infinite

Get the Pinpoint Needler after eliminating this weakling.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Writh Kul is one of the more difficult contracts to reach as he overlooks the open world from an elevated location. However, once you get to this cretin, you’ll be able to dispatch him quickly and unlock the Pinpoint Needler.

Before you attempt to wipe Writh Kul away from existence, find a Banshee or a wasp within the open world and operate it. If you see a banshee flying around, get to a high elevation and use the grappleshot to take over the wheel. We found one flying around Annex Ridge west of the FOB Kilo, south of the map.

Getting to Writh Kul is more intimidating than the target himself. When we completed this assassination, we saw three Banshees encircling the cut-off location that’s at an elevated position. It’s southwest of FOB Kilo and southeast of FOB Hotel. Take out the banshees from behind and they will be sitting ducks as you keep shooting. After a few moments, the enemy hops out of the wrecked vehicle.

As soon as you’ve eliminated the banshees, head to the left side of the elevated island nearby the trees. Venture forward and within a canyon-like space inside the cracks, you’ll see Writh Kul. Eliminate him easily with any weapon at your disposal, and he’ll be out cold. Writh Kul really should have brought a shield with them. After dispatching the alien, pick up the Pinpoint Needler. It’s a more precise version of the once inconsistent weapon.

Next, take out the enemies around it to finish the mission. Find any lingering enemies by scanning with the down d-pad button. After fulfilling this, you’ll have the Pinpoint Needler available at any captured FOB station. If you want to get another easy elimination, find the Stalker Rifle Ultra by taking out Barroth.