How to execute a link attack in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Master this key feature in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising to succeed in combat.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

As a 2.5D action roleplaying game that lacks in variety of weapon types for each character, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising implemented the link attack system to help make combat more diverse and it isn’t hard to master.

At the beginning of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, you only have access to CJ, the main protagonist, but as you progress, Garoo and Isha will join your party. Each character has their attacks set to a specific button. What button that may be will depend on the platform you are playing Rising on, which the game will tell you through a tutorial screen.

After you attack with a character, you want to immediately press the attack button for another character to switch them out to follow up. Initially, you are only able to link attack twice, but you will be able to do it more over time as you complete each stamp card.

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Stamp cards start at the silver tier, then gold, platinum, and black accordingly. Additionally, as you gain the ability to do upwards aerial attacks and downward dive attacks, you can execute them during link attacks as well. Link attacks are a pretty straightforward mechanic, and while it isn’t crucial to use them as they can bring a more optional challenge for you. However, mastering link attacks does make the combat much more fun.