How to defeat the Boss Scavenger in Tunic

You’re not getting the seal that easily.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Boss Scavenger, uh, boss fight, can be a real roadblock if you’re not prepared. He’s not giving up the all-important seal easily. If you’ve managed to get through the whole Quarry and Ziggurat to reach the battle, you can win this too. Here’s how.

First and foremost, block often. You’ll need to do that here more than in any other fight, so always be ready to raise your shield. The Boss Scavenger likes to activate his giant shield-sword hybrid weapon and slash at you in multi-hit combos, but if you’re locked on and blocking, you’ll be able to endure it. He may also charge forward in a single slash, which you can dodge via a roll to the side. You’ll need to roll over his wave attack too. When he pierces the ground with his blade, he’ll send out a shockwave. Roll over the glowing white portion to avoid damage.

At a distance, this boss may also use his gun and grenades. The barrels in the arena will protect you from the gunfire, but the grenades will force you to move out of cover to avoid the explosion. The gunshot can also be blocked, so be ready for that if you see him raise the gun. Generally speaking, you want your shield up for this whole fight.

Of course, that means minding your stamina — chomp on some Ivy if you need to keep that meter going. The Boss Scavenger will lift his own shield from time to time, so don’t bother attacking when it’s up. Otherwise, mind his many attacks and look for your chance to strike back. This fight is difficult, but it is very much winnable.