All Tunic consumable items explained

Learn what all the strange little fruits and items can do for you.

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Tunic is a very vague game, and that extends to its items. There are plenty of collectibles like health potions and coins to find, but consumable items can be just as obtuse. Their names and descriptions are written in a fictional language, after all. This guide will help explain what each one does.

Except for coins, this guide only deals with consumable items, not key items or collectibles. Many of these items are found in chests across the world, and they can all be purchased from the shopkeeper if you need to stock up.

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What do all the consumable items do in Tunic?


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While coins are collectibles, they also double as consumable items. Toss any coins you’ve found on your journey into a well to earn some extra perk slots. Wells can be found in several places, including the Overworld town square and right next to the first checkpoint in the West Garden.


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Decoys can be used to distract enemies and bosses, making them perfect for when you need to get out of a sticky situation and re-strategize. When a Decoy is activated, it’ll send a ghostly illusion of your character running in the direction you’re facing. Your opponents will focus their attention on the apparition, giving you the chance to attack them or to heal yourself.


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Effigies are essentially coin purses. Smash them on the ground to earn a nice batch of gems. You can save these until it’s time to buy more items or upgrades if you’re afraid of losing your money.

Fire Bomb

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As the name implies, Fire Bombs deal burning damage to your enemies. After using one, they’ll take a second to detonate and when they do, they’ll explode and their flame affects anyone in the vicinity and deals damage over time for a few seconds.


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Firecrackers are a much smaller version of the Fire Bomb as they’ll only deal damage with a single explosion. These double as exploration tools, too — they can destroy certain walls, behind which you’ll find more goodies.


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You’ll encounter two kinds of Fruits in the game: a red fruit and a blue fruit. Red Fruit restores your health; Blue Fruit refills your magic meter.

Hot Pepper

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When you eat a Hot Pepper, the hero will glow with red energy for a little bit. During this time, you deal increased melee damage.

Ice Bomb

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Like its sister explosives, Ice Bombs also detonate a moment after being thrown. When they do, they freeze enemies in their tracks. This is a great chance to rack up damage while they’re defenseless.


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As you might be able to guess from its green color, Ivy raises your stamina recovery speed for a brief period of time. Popping one is a good idea during a boss battle or a particularly tough enemy encounter.