How to defeat the Scorched Earth boss Manticore in Ark: Survival Evolved

Fight or die, there is no other choice.

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Scorched Earth was launched as the first official DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved with big plans. An arid map that brought in new creatures, resources, and a new Boss, Scorched Earth, was a great addition. Sadly it never quite got the attention it needed, but it did introduce the Manticore as a brand-new Boss encounter. The Manticore is similar to its namesake in mythology, with its curving tail and terrifying appearance. This guide will detail how to defeat the Manticore in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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What you’ll need to fight the Manticore in Ark: Survival Evolved

As with every fight against a Boss in Ark: Survival Evolved, you will need to bring certain items with you and provide Tributes. For the Manticore boss, you’ll need the following items and Tributes to enter the Arena:

Artifact of the Gatekeeper111
Artifact of the Crag111
Artifact of the Destroyer111
Fire Talon21020
Lightning Talon21020
Poison Talon21020

You will also need to bring in your own personal items and creatures. The Manticore is a tough boss at first, and plenty of things can kill you besides the Boss itself. To improve your chances of survival, you’ll need the following:

  • High-tier Flak, and Pump Action Shotgun: To survive the Boss fight, you’ll need to shoot the Manticore while it’s in the air. The Flak will help you in case you end up off your tames.
  • Canteen: This Arena is hot, and running out of water isn’t a good idea.
  • Medical Brews: These will help you heal any damage that comes your way.
  • Stimulants: You will need these on your tames.
  • High-tier Rexes, x19 Yutyrannus x1: Your Rexes should have plenty of HP and Melee damage and very good saddles. Your Yutyrannus doesn’t need the best stats because you’ll be buffing from the sidelines, but keep your Stimulants in the Yuty’s inventory.

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How to defeat the Manticore in Scorched Earth in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Manticore is the only Boss you’ll face in this Arena. It has two methods of attacking, either from the sky or on land. It has a bite and slashing attack, as well as tail attacks which deal massive Torpor damage. The Manticore will flap around the Arena a lot, so you have to wait for it to land before you can attack it, or you can shoot it while it’s in the sky. If you hit it while it’s flying, and it dies, you may lose your Element.

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The Manticore has Death Worms, which it will spawn while it is flying, but your Rexes can easily deal with them. When the Manticore lands, send your Rex team in by using the whistle menu to attack it, they will surround and munch on the Manticore, keeping it pinned down.

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If your Torpor raises too high on your Tame, force-feed it Stimulants so that it won’t get knocked out. You also need to keep a sharp eye on your own HP and Torpor levels so that you don’t get knocked out or killed. If you die in the Boss Arena, you will lose your gear and your tames.