How to defeat The Twins in Atomic Heart

Keep your eyes on the ground and ignore the firey Polymer.


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The Twins are the most formidable bosses in Atomic Heart. This is the only boss encounter that forces you to attack two enemies simultaneously, and their massive range of attacks doesn’t help. This guide explains how to beat The Twins, so you don’t give up on the game right before the ending.

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Tips to beat The Twins bosses in Atomic Hearts

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The battle against The Twins is a brilliant crescendo to Atomic Heart but also challenging. Scanning the pair reveals that they have no weaknesses to speak of. One robot will soar into the air and attack from above. The other will remain on the ground and fight you face-to-face. We recommend focusing all your firepower on one robot; the one on the ground is easier to hit. This robot can be hit with Shok to slow it down, making it possible to land Fat Boy Missiles or repeated shotgun rounds. The Twins share a health pool, even though it doesn’t look that way. Injuring one robot will eventually cause it to pull health from the other. At the end of the fight, you only need to kill one to win the battle, but you’ll effectively have killed both by the time you get there.

The Twins charge up energy over the course of the fight before unleashing powerful Polymer attacks. The robot in the air will summon fiery Polymer balls that either explode on the ground to create a running hazard or roll towards you and know you down for the other robot to hit. You can easily dodge the big rolling balls of Polymer, but try to stay away from the smaller blobs of fiery Polymer altogether.

The robot on the ground will rush you and perform acrobatic attacks. It’ll also use electrical blasts that come in waves. Dodge the electricity when you see these attacks coming. Hitting the robot with Shok will cause it to pause, opening it up for a few blasts before it attacks. This could also prevent it from attacking you, especially if you use the Fat Boy.

Both robots will occasionally pause and power themselves up to lift you into the air. This won’t hurt you if you have the right upgrades, but it definitely slows you down. When you see parts of the ground rise up, dodge out of the way to avoid the attack. If you do, you can get close to the robots and lay down a few shots to damage them.

The final phase of this fight sees The Twins fly into the air and join together to create a fantastic yet deadly laser show. These lasers will spin around the room, and you need to dodge over and around them to survive. Having a few upgrades that protect you from laser damage and damage while dodging will ensure your survival here. Don’t even try to attack The Twins while they’re doing this, they’re flying too fast to hit, and the lasers are too dangerous.

There is no mechanic to exploit to win this fight as there is with the HOG-7 HEDGIE battle. The process we followed was to Shok a robot, shoot it with three or four shotgun blasts, run away and reload or heal, then repeat. It took a few attempts, but we won the fight and finished the game using this method. The credits will roll after this fight and the final cutscene.

What equipment should you use for The Twins?

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The Twins are the Ornstein and Smough of Atomic Heart, and they’ll kill you before the fight even starts if you’re not careful. The cutscene before you battle them has a tough QTE that, should you fail it, will see one of the robots stab you repeatedly with a sharp heel spike. After watching it through once, we skipped this cutscene every subsequent attempt to avoid dying early.

The equipment you need for this fight doesn’t have to be complicated. We beat the bosses using only a melee weapon, the shotgun, and the Fat Boy rocket launcher, though you could easily do this with just the shotgun and melee weapon. With that in mind, we only brought 64 shotgun shells and 7 Fat Boy Missiles to the fight, and that was enough. You don’t need ammo in this fight as much as you need health pods, so bring as many large ones as you can to avoid dying when The Twins only have a sliver of health left.