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How to defeat the Wyvern in Sonic Frontiers

Time to take this flying machine down.

After running all over Ares Island and finding the Chaos Emeralds and Knuckles Memory Tokens, it is time to take on the second titan in Sonic Frontiers. The Wyvern is a large flying enemy that, like Giganto previously, can only be fought as Super Sonic. Here is how you can defeat it.

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How to beat the Wyvern titan in Sonic Frontiers

Unlike the Giganto boss fight, this fight has many rings you can grab during the battle. We do still recommend using the Cyloop ability to get yourself at least a few hundred before you take on this big robot, though.

When you first find the Wyvern, you need to first get up to it and grab the last Chaos Emerald. Run towards the large tower right below where it is flying and climb it. There is nothing particularly challenging here, so just get to the top and use your homing attack when the Wyvern gets close. This will start a cutscene that opens up a running track that you need to get through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When running along the track, avoid the energy attacks and use your homing attack on the spinning red laser beams. Endure this long enough, and you will be thrown on top of the Wyvern to grab the Chaos Emerald and transform into Super Sonic.

Wyvern boss first phase

This boss fight is incredibly simple and much less involved than the one with Giganto. You will be placed on a track that has you automatically flying around the arena alongside the Wyvern. Use boost to catch up to the Wyvern whenever you are hit and knocked behind. The only time you can attack the Wyvern is after it has been stunned, which can only be done after parrying its attacks. If you want to, you could technically stay still and hold your parry since it is not time-based. Eventually, the Wyvern will fire missiles at you. Parry one of these, and you’ll send it back to them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A little after hitting it with a missile, the Wyvern will spin in the air and try to slash you. Again, hold your parry, and you will stun it, leaving it open for a big stretch of combos. Also, you can use Quick Cyloop to stun it a little longer momentarily. Get it down to a little past half health, and the second phase will begin.

Wyvern boss second phase

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the second phase of the Wyvern fight, the boss will fire out rings of energy that will knock you back. These are really easy to avoid since you are still on a track. The same method above applies here; parry a missile, and the Wyvern will try to slash you. The difference is you need to parry two slashes to stun it this time.

When you get the Wyvern’s health really low, the final part of this fight is all handled with quick time events. First, missiles will surround Sonic, and you need to time your button press for when the white ring gets into the red ring. Even if you mess up, the game lets you try again. This stuns it and lets you attack some more.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After one more round of parrying a slash attack, you will be given a prompt that has Sonic spin the Wyvern around and throw it into some rocks. You will have another red ring timing event followed by one that has you mash a button to stop the Wyvern from attacking you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The fight is ended after one more round of red ring and button-mashing QTEs which ends in Sonic leading missiles to go down the Wyvern’s throat. This ends a fight that was a lot more style over substance.

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