How to defeat Barroth in Halo Infinite

Take out this wimp.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Barroth is a sneaky target that would prefer attacking from afar rather than getting the fight himself. With the Stalker Rifle Ultra up for grabs, it’s well worth tracking this alien down.

This sniper can be found northwest of FOB Lima and southeast of Riven Gate. It’s on top of a highly elevated hill. Once you arrive at the location, you’ll find Barroth stalking above a wave of enemies on the right, perched on a cliff.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To counteract Barroth quickly, go to the area with a banshee or other flying object to reach him directly. This is because Barroth is weak at short range, and you don’t want to deal with his long-range fire. If you can’t find a banshee in the area, use the grapple shot up the cliff and ignore the goons below. With no shielding whatsoever, Barroth fell in a matter of three shots with the Mangler.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After that, take down the enemies below with your newly equipped Stalker Rifle Ultra. It deals less damage than the S7 and has a far-out zoom, but it can fire quickly. After finishing the mission and collecting the Stalker Rifle Ultra, you can summon the weapon at any FOB at a moment’s notice.

Barroth is a pushover if you approach the situation correctly, but Arthoc and Okro “Blademaster” ‘Vagaduun “Blademaster” ‘Vagaduun are tougher so don’t underestimate other assassination missions.