How to deliver mail in Lake

In a time before email, we used to send letters to each other.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As a mail delivery driver, you’ll need to deliver everyone’s post effectively and precisely. While it’s not difficult, you can forget the most basic gameplay mechanics of this little indie game Lake. While taking in the stunning scenes of the small town, keep in mind these simple methods of giving the mail to these folks.

First, you’ll want to look on your map to see where the mail needs to be delivered. Press the RB button to bring it up either in the van or outside. You’ll see some orange icons on the map, which indicate whether or not a package or a letter is being delivered to each area. The icon also shows the address of each receiver, unless it’s for the General Store. You can check the bottom left of the screen for a confirmation of the address once you’re nearby it. It’s right of the mini-map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now, memorize the address on the map and walk over to the back of the van to deliver a package. Press A to boot up the menu. Now, select the package that corresponds to that map pin’s address. Simply walk over to the door or inside the building of the recipient and finish the delivery.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Letters are easier to bring over. Simply walk over to the mailbox and press A. An animation will begin with the protagonist putting in the letters from her bag. Job done!

If you don’t know where to deliver next, check the map, and you’ll see a checklist on the left side. Finish all of the deliveries, and your workday is finished.