How to deploy cameras in Rainbow Six Siege

Get some additional eyes on the field.

Image via Ubisoft

Cameras are an essential part of every match in Rainbow Six Siege. Whether you’re placing them to help your team, using them to uncover bomb sites before the start of a round, or are covering your teammates after being downed, they come into play multiple times per phase. Sometimes, they’re even linked with challenges that award you bonus battle pass experience. In this guide, we’ll explain how to deploy cameras so you can help your team and earn some rewards in the process.

Pick your Operators wisely

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to deploy cameras in Rainbow Six Siege is to play as an Operator with them in their loadout. Once you’re in a match, you can press the button to use your camera, and then you’ll be able to deploy it against a wall or the floor. Any Operator on your team can then access these cameras. You can check this during the pre-phase of each round when you’re choosing which Operator you want to play as and your spawn location. Once you’ve picked your Operator, you can tweak their loadout to check if they have a camera that they can deploy.

An Operator can still have a gadget and deploy a camera. It’s more common for Defenders like Frost to have cameras, so you’ll usually only be able to deploy cameras when Defending. However, there are Attackers, such as Zero, that can deploy cameras thanks to their gadgets. You’ll need to learn each Operator as you play them to understand if they’re the right fit for camera deployment, but generally speaking, most Defenders fit the bill.