How to destroy a building with a Majestic agent in Destroy All Humans

Bring down a building with the body of a Majestic agent.

In mission nine of Destroy All Humans, titled South by Southwest, you are tasked with doing some damage to the federal agency giving you the hardest time on Earth. Immediately upon landing, you need to destroy vehicles and kill humans, with an optional objective of killing Majestic agents with the Ion Detonator, your newest weapon for this mission.

After completing this, Orthopox will instruct you to return to your saucer. It is time to destroy Majestic buildings and kill more agents. You will notice a new optional objective here to destroy a building with a Majestic agent. This can be one of the more challenging objectives considering it can be hard to determine if you are picking up an agent, military personnel, or civilian. Luckily, you can choose-out an agent by following the point marker for killing an agent or looking for someone in a black suit.

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To get this objective done, we recommend first firing a couple quick laser beam blasts into the smaller building in the back on the water. Make sure not to do so much that it is destroyed, you only want some fire to start sprouting from it. Now quickly pick up a Majestic agent and make your way back to the building. Position your saucer so that you can throw the agent directly at the building. Upon contact, the agent will die, and the building will take damage. If the throw does not bring the building down, simply find the same body you just threw and do it again. It does not matter if he is alive or dead, the final hit on the building just needs to be from the agent.

There are only a finite number of agents in this area, while the military continuously spawns, so be careful not to kill them all before you get the objective done. If you mess up, you have to start the entire mission over.

Once the objective is completed, finish off the rest of the agents and buildings marked to complete the mission.