How to farm DNA in Destroy All Humans

Gather DNA faster and upgrade yourself for maximum destruction.

To upgrade your Crypto in Destroy All Humans, you will need to collect DNA points. These points can upgrade your saucer, dash, land weapons, or cognitive powers to make your quest in destruction much easier.

Essentially doing anything in the game will gather you DNA. Completing missions, extracting brain stems, and other activities will slowly give you more points to spend on your upgrades. Completing the final mission gives you 30,000 DNA points instantly, but you might need the points to get past the challenging level beforehand. Here is how to gain the most DNA points in the least amount of time.

First, as you progress through the story, focus on upgrading the anal probe and your. Fully upgrading these will allow the brain explosion power to infect other humans around them, and the anal probe can send out two tendrils at once and collect brains much faster. Obviously, do not neglect to upgrade other things as well if you are having issues, but these two upgrades will allow you to grab more DNA during missions.

Be sure to go back to older maps, and instead of playing through a campaign mission again, select “explore world.” This will put you into a free roam mode. Simply pull out the anal probe and use both that and the brain extraction power to grab DNA from any human that comes across your path.

While you are extracting brain stems, your notoriety level will increase, bringing in tougher military enemies and vehicles. Luckily, as long as you are effectively extracting brains and dodging their fire, you should not face too many issues. Be sure to take cover when your shield is low to regenerate it.

Doing the above method should gather you at least a few thousand DNA points within a half hour. This will usually be enough for at least one upgrade. Continue causing havoc with your brain extraction methods to

If you are getting tired of extracting brains, be sure to focus on getting side challenges finished with three stars and collecting probes scattered throughout each map. Probes give 75 DNA for each one you find, and they are not terribly difficult to find. Each map has four challenges dedicated to a race, rampage, abduction, and armageddon mission. These are much easier to get a better score when you have better upgrades, so you may want to dedicate yourself to grinding for DNA in the method given above.