How to destroy doors in Apex Legends

We’re kicking down the doors.

Damaged Door on World's Edge

If you’ve played Apex Legends, you’ve probably been there. You’re fighting the good fight until an enemy closes a door on you and blocks entry. Whether it be with a body or two, a trap, or something else, it can be frustrating to have the fight come to a standstill. That said, there are multiple ways to break down the door, and get in to continue the fight. Let’s go over all of the ways to break down doors in Apex Legends.


The easiest way to break down a door is to melee it. This means, punching, kicking or using your Heirloom Melee Weapon to break down the door. When using the melee method, it will take two hits. This can be from either side. After one hit, the door will be cracked in texture, but still provide the same amount of cover. After the second hit, the door will be gone.


The stick of a grenade (like an Arc Star) will not affect a door, but the moment a grenade explodes, the door will be destroyed. This is the case with all grenades, it will be a one-hit destruction. That said, be wary: if you are close to the door, the grenade will hurt you too.


Normally, you can’t break a door by shooting it, but the Rampage LMG is a special case. When the Rampage is Revved Up (charged with a Thermite Grenade), it has the door-breaking power of the grenade within its shots. With a few bullets from a Revved Up Rampage, you can take a door clean out. This is especially great for a fast pursuit if your Rampage is already charged.