How to dig up buried items in No Man’s Sky

Look beneath the surface.


Screenshot via Hello Games’ YouTube

There’s almost no limit to the things you can do in No Man’s Sky. For example, you could locate a settlement and take over as mayor, build your own base and invite other players to come and hang out or take on one of the grueling Expeditions that task you with completing a series of objectives. This guide covers how to dig up buried items in the game whether you need to as part of an Expedition or just want to find some treasure.

Scan and dig

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can locate buried items on any planet using your scanner. While scanning and looking around, you’ll notice some icons with three lines and some that are yellow. These are generally buried items that you can dig up. When you hover over them with your scanner, they should appear as buried technology modules or burial sites.

You can tag these locations from your scanner and make your way over to them. You’ll need to use your terrain manipulator to dig down once you reach the site, and eventually, you’ll come across the item buried there. This could be anything from ancient fossils to technology that you can install in your ship, Exosuit, or Multi-Tool.