How to dive in Hogwarts Legacy

Collect the treasure that lies beneath.

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There is plenty to see in Hogwarts Legacy, and to reach all of the treasures, you need to know how to explore the lands in the appropriate way. Outside of Hogwarts is a massive lake that you can openly swim across. Some quests even require you to explore the lake in search of missing items and treasure. If you want to explore the lake as much as possible, you will need to know how to dive underwater and dredge the lake for that missing treasure. This guide will show you how to dive in Hogwarts Legacy.

How diving works in Hogwarts Legacy

You may not even know that you are able to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy, just like you might not know that you can jump or sprint. These mechanics aren’t the most utilized in the game and therefore don’t get much attention. When you finally get out in the world and explore the land beyond the castle walls of Hogwarts, you will learn pretty quickly that you can swim if you go near the lake.

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When swimming across the lake, you may be tempted to dive underwater to collect some of the treasure you hear NPCs discuss. Even a quest for Grace requires you to collect an item for her from the lake. Unfortunately, you can’t just dive underwater wherever you want. You can only dive in specific locations.

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While swimming in deep bodies of water, you may find areas that look foamy or white. These areas are there to show you where the items are in the water. When you get close to one of these areas, press the interact button, which defaults to square on PlayStation and X on Xbox. Doing this will make your character dive underwater and collect whatever item happens to be at the bottom. Now we just need to solve the mystery of how your clothes stay dry through all of that.