How to jump in Hogwarts Legacy

We’d like to see Harry get up that high without a broom.

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Sometimes, the simplest of commands in a video game can pass you by, no matter how ingrained in the medium they can be. With an RPG like Hogwarts Legacy, you will be exploring the castle grounds of the school constantly, finding secrets in every corner, and using spells to get you past various obstacles. However, there will be a time or two when you need to put a little manual labor into your traversal. With that in mind, here is how to jump in Hogwarts Legacy.

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PlayStation, PC, and Xbox control to perform Jump in Hogwarts Legacy

If something seems just out of reach to you in Hogwarts Legacy and none of your spells can help you reach it, you might need to jump. If you are playing on a PC, jumping is done by pressing the spacebar. PlayStation users will have to press X, and Xbox players can press A to start jumping.

How jumping works in Hogwarts Legacy

As you might expect, jumping in Hogwarts Legacy is pretty on par with most other games you have likely played. If there is ever a ledge that is just out of your reach, you can jump at the wall to scale it and explore the area.

If you are walking around the Hogwarts castle or grounds, there won’t be too many instances where you actually need to jump to reach something. If an item is out of your reach, you can use Accio to pull it to you, and traversal around the outside can easily be done with a broom.

If you really want to, you can try jumping downstairs in the school, but your character will stumble at the bottom, so it doesn’t really speed anything up. Also, there is an invisible barrier on stair rails, so you can’t jump from the top of a tower and quickly get all the way down to the bottom.