How to do a perfect block in Grounded

Take a hit, but keep fighting.

Combat in Grounded is about landing a few well-placed hits and then taking down your foe to collect their resources. There are many little creatures you can encounter in the game that you need to take down to craft better items. As you progress through the game, many of these creatures are capable of taking multiple hits from your weapons, and they will fight back. You need to craft some armor to withstand their attacks, but you also need to know how to block to prevent taking as much damage.

You can block any incoming attacks by hitting the right mouse button or clicking LT on your Xbox controller. You should see a blue indicator come up at the same time. The indicator details how much you can block before you can no longer block any incoming attacks against a creature. When hit by something while blocking, you do not take as much damage as you normally would, but you still take damage.

To do a perfect block, you need to time the moment you block with a creature’s attack. If you hit the block button and raise to protect yourself right when they hit you, you do a perfect block. It’s all about hitting the perfect timing, which can mean taking several hits from a creature before you learn the timing of their attacks. It’s especially tricky fighting the stronger creatures in Grounded, so make sure to craft some armor before taking them down.