How to do Bastion’s Ultimate glitch in Overwatch 2

Incoming fire!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you are playing Overwatch 2 and noticing a lot of Damage roles picking Bastion, that is because a bug has been discovered with the character that lets you get more out of his Ultimate. You may have noticed Bastion shooting way more than the three allowed artillery shots when he goes into this formation, flattening anyone in his shots’ path. Here is how to do the Bastion Ultimate glitch in Overwatch 2.

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How to do Bastion’s Ultimate glitch in Overwatch 2

Note that this is an unattended bug surrounding Bastion and will undoubtedly be fixed very soon. He is only meant to shoot off three artillery rounds, and this glitch gives your team a competitive advantage. We are unsure what impact can be made to your account if you do this in a matchmaking game and someone reports you for the act, so be wary about using it. If you do not want your skill rating affected by this, we recommend avoiding Competitive until Blizzard fixes the exploit.

Pulling off Bastion’s Ultimate glitch in Overwatch 2 is all a matter of timing. You need to activate the Ultimate, and as you shoot off the bombs, keep pressing the Ultimate button and shooting button at the same time. As you are firing, keep moving the target, and you will lay a carpet of explosions that can be very difficult to avoid as well as a lethal threat to any enemy advancement. Sometimes, the enemy will have no chance to avoid the fire and just be wiped from the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A couple of things we noticed when doing the glitch is that if you are not constantly moving the target, you will likely cancel your Ultimate before you get more than two shots off. We were able to easily get over a dozen shots, maybe even 20 off when we did it right. Also, this was a lot easier to pull off on a controller for us than on a keyboard and mouse, but you can rebind the keys to give you an easier time getting your timing down on the shots.